Learning Reimagined
Born out of a simple belief that high quality education should be accessible to all
Learning Reimagined
Born out of a simple belief that high quality
education should be accessible to all

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Why We Are Here

Our goal is to build skills that matter for young learners in the 21st century, beginning with English.

We do this by delivering a truly effective and affordable learning experience. Learning has historically been associated with rote memorization and exams – and over the past year, online learning has made it worse. For many, it has been boring, lonely, and uninspiring. At Edukita, we believe that the learning experience is as equally important as the result itself. This is why we aspire to deliver a learning experience that is truly fun and engaging so students are inspired to become lifelong learners.

Unfortunately, most programs that offer such experience are out of reach for many young people so we are committed to provide a program that is widely affordable and accessible. This way, every young person can unlock their true potential and thrive in the modern workplace.

It Began With a Simple Belief

Edukita was founded with a simple belief that high quality education should be accessible to all.

It started as a part-time project during the pandemic while its founders still had full-time commitments: Peter Gumulia was still at Harvard Business School and Sean Widjaja was full-time at Airbnb. During this challenging time, they decided to start Edukita out of their shared passion for education and talent development – and their shared gratitude for the educational and work experiences they’ve had.

Early in their journey, they quickly recognized the barriers that many families face when they tried to find productive ways to spend their time in between school and home. Although they were eager to develop instrumental skills – such as problem solving, communication skills, and confidence – they didn’t have good options. A lot of after-school programs are only exam prep focused. Most high-quality, progressive programs come with inaccessible price tags. As a consequence, most families are stuck with video games, social media, and other unproductive means to keep themselves occupied.

For too many, education programs are disconnected from what is needed in today’s world. For too many, the high quality programs are simply out of reach. Edukita exists to change this, and its founders decided to dedicate their full attention into solving this problem. Edukita aspires to provide educational experiences that are useful, engaging, and accessible so every young person will have the opportunity to build a compelling future for themselves.

Since our founding, we’ve served thousands of students across the country and we’re just getting started.


Meet Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with a shared passion for education. We are passionate about inspiring the young population to discover their joy in learning. We believe that learning should go beyond memorization and what is written on a report card.

Our team consists of lifelong educators, teachers, engineers, designers, and strategists who have come together to achieve a lofty mission: to provide high quality education that is truly accessible to all. A few great people can make a big difference.

Peter Gumulia


A die hard Liverpool FC fan since 2005

Sean Widjaja


I've been kicked by a zebra

Puti Hamid

Learning Experience Design Lead

I'm the female version of Notorious B.I.G

Salma Desenta

Product Development

I still have my milk teeth - 2 of them

Danaparamita Dewi

Data Analytics

I love crime documentaries and k-dramas

Aliva Laili

Student Success

I have a pet snake

Khairun Nisa

Learning Experience Design

I get easily distracted

Aulia Alnur

Student Success

Friends call me bucing (mother of cats)!

Gita Frida

Learning Experience Design

I'm a sleepyhead on Sunday

Herita Kencana

Student Success

I really enjoy dad jokes

Bagus Herlambang

Learning Experience Design

I used to have seventeen cats but they left me

Dimas Widdy


I play almost all kinds of video games

Farrizal Alchudry


I love art more than technical stuff

Dimas Ghazi Purraharjo

Lead Product Marketing

Everything will always be okay in the end

Runny Rudiyanti

Special Projects

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