Exciting back to School Programs Extended Due to Popular Demand!

The New School Year is just around the corner, and parents are actively seeking engaging activities for their children during the holiday period and beyond. To meet the growing demand, we are thrilled to announce the extension of our popular programs based on feedback from our valued participants. These programs have garnered tremendous enthusiasm and positive reviews, making them an excellent choice for both new and existing students. Let’s explore the extended programs that will inspire and educate young minds in the upcoming season.

Little Artists
Target Segment: Kids (7-12)
Format: Hybrid
Class Size: 12 students/class

Are you ready to unleash your inner Picasso or Salvador Dali? The Little Artists program is back by popular demand, offering young creatives a chance to embark on an artistic journey. This elective-like program spans one to two weeks during the school break period and caters to students in Elementary School (Sekolah Dasar) 1-3 and Elementary School 4-6.

In Week 1, participants will dive into the captivating world of artists, exploring art history and expanding their art-themed vocabulary. The week concludes with an exciting visit to the renowned Museum Macan.

Week 2 focuses on putting creativity into action. Students will use recyclable materials to develop and present their unique art creations. The program concludes with a showcase where parents are invited to admire and celebrate the work of our little artists.

Junior Reporters
Target Segment: Teens (13-15)
Format: Hybrid
Class Size: 15 students/class

Do you dream of becoming a confident public speaker and an excellent writer? The Junior Reporters program, in partnership with Narasi TV, is an extraordinary opportunity for young individuals to enhance their reporting skills in English. By participating in this special summer course, students will develop their conversational and writing abilities while exploring the basics of reporting.

Throughout the program, students will prepare short video pieces on newsworthy events within their community. At the end of each week, a showcase will be held, inviting parents to witness their children’s progress and accomplishments.

The Great Debaters
Target Segment: Young Adults (16-18)
Format: Hybrid
Class Size: 15 students/class

Back by popular demand, The Great Debaters program returns to ignite intellectual discussions and sharpen persuasive communication skills. Designed for teenagers and young adults, this two-week program provides an immersive experience in the art of debate.

Week 1 focuses on the fundamentals of developing persuasive statements and impromptu speaking. Students will learn techniques to construct compelling arguments. In Week 2, participants will engage in live debates on thought-provoking topics. Parents are encouraged to attend and witness the exciting debates while cheering for their debaters.

The extension of these exceptional

Programs in response to popular demand signifies their immense value and impact on participants. Whether your child is an aspiring artist, a budding reporter, or a persuasive debater, these programs offer a remarkable opportunity for growth, skill development, and inspiration. Don’t miss out on these engaging and transformative experiences. Enroll your child today and witness their remarkable journey of exploration and learning!

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